Before and After Cases

These are some examples of the orthodontic problems that Dr. Arnstine can correct. Move your mouse over the close-up pictures to see an animation of the final result! Also be sure to check out our Facebook page where we update our patient smile photos frequently!


Crowding Crowding

Impacted Cuspid

Impacted Cuspid

Severely Impacted Cuspid

Severly Impacted Cuspid Severly Impacted Cuspid

Interdisciplinary (Worn or Broken Down Teeth) Cases

Case 1

Interdisplinary Case

Case 2

Interdisplinary Case Interdisplinary Case

Case 3

Interdisplinary Case Interdisplinary Case

Phase One Treatment

Protrusion Correction Protrusion Correction


Underbite Underbite